Welcome to Natural Stone Restoration Ltd

Leaders in the New Zealand Stone Restoration Industry

Natural Stone Restoration based in Wellington, is a professional stone and concrete restoration company, which specialize in services and products. Our work involves stone re-surfacing, tile repairs, deep cleaning using steam or chemical washing, grout repairs and cleaning, chip repairs and also sealing of your tiles to protect them from further damage. We can advise you on the daily routine maintenance to keep your stone and tiled floors, counter tops and tables looking great.

We are dedicated to the preservation and care of all types of stone and tiles. This is not limited to stone, but also engineered stone such as Ceramics, Porcelains, Caesar Stone, Slate and Quantum Quarts. We cover all aspects of work from repairing, deep cleaning and mechanical polishing and sealing of Marble, Granite, Travertine, Basalt and Limestone adding lustre and shine that will enhance, beautify and add value to our clients investment for many years. 

Being one of only a very limited number of true restoration companies in New Zealand, we are passionate about our work and we take pride in our ability to rejuvenate your worn and damaged tiles. Our consultants can advise you on the right application and cleaning procedures to ensure your investment will last a life time. Through our contacts around the globe, we are at the cutting edge of diamond grinding technology and product knowledge. We import a vast range of daily cleaning products especially designed for the home owner as well as professional products for the fabricators, masons and the home handyman.

Natural Stone Restoration has expanded our concrete polishing to new heights with the introduction of the Husqvarna Hiperfloor System.  Together with the Klindex Super Floor Concrete System we can create a naturally hard wearing, easy maintenance, scratch proof system that is serviceable in all areas of commercial and domestic flooring.

Natural Stone Restoration now offers a complex water proofing system for all concrete and masonry walls and floors. This high strength, fast setting water proofing system is specially designed to immediately arrest the seepage or flow of water through concrete joints, leaking cracks and holes. This water proofing treatment for concrete structures can be used to protect against the ingress of water to the inner or outer sides of a concrete structure.

Our technicians continually train and look for new techniques around the globe, to bring these specialized applications to New Zealand.

MB Stone Care Products are now available in New Zealand.